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…during this European year of Volunteering 2011, many events such as conferences, conventions and forums have taken place all over Europe to put volunteering and youth mobility in the spotlight. The following will give you some examples…

From September 5th to 7th, the EU Youth Conference organized in Warsaw (Poland) gathered over 100 youth delegates from across Europe for the first EU Youth Conference of the new structured dialogue cycle. The topic of discussion for this conference was youth cooperation between the EU and neighbouring countries, with particular emphasis on cooperation with Eastern Europe and Caucasus. The results of Europe-wide consultation were discussed and recommendations concerning the implementation of youth policy, with particular attention to the participation of young people in mobility were developed. Young people from Russia and Eastern Partnership countries were also invited to the conference.Together with representatives of youth Ministries, Youth delegates worked in 7 thematic workshops and put forward recommendations to promote and improve youth cooperation between the EU and its closest neighbours.

From September 7th to 11th, the European Youth Forum organized the II Youth Convention on Volunteering in Brussels, the biggest civil-society event in the framework of the European Year of Volunteering 2011. Bringing together volunteers, institutions, local volunteer associations and European Youth organisations, researchers and decision makers from all over Europe, this huge event consisted in discussing a rights based approach to volunteering through several activities such as workshops, debates, training, concerts, graffiti walls, and many others.

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Workcamp a Grumo Nevano

Volunteers coming from all over the world have spent two weeks in a workcamp in Grumo Nevano (close to Naples). The volunteers coming from Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, South Corea and Usa worked to a project to promote multiculturalism amongst native people. In particular they created a video about Africa wich will be shown to local children. In order to make the video they met the African comunity living close to Naples. Moreover  the volunteers restored the place where they where hosted, Centro Astalli Sud, where further activities on multiculturalism will take place in the next weeks. Finally they have also promoted the International year of volunteering in different cities and have shared foods, expierences and traditions during the evenings organised during the workcamp.

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Volontari provenienti da tutto il mondo per creare un percorso educativo sull’Africa per i giovani dell’hinterland napoletano. E’ il succo del workcamp, organizzato da Cantiere Giovani presso il Centro Astalli Sud di Grumo Nevano, che si è svolto dal 22 agosto al 4 settembre. I dieci giovani volontari provenienti da Germania, Spagna, Francia, Russia, Turchia, Corea del Sud e Stati Uniti hanno provveduto a ritinteggiare e risistemare i locali del centro Astalli. Hanno poi girato e montato un video sull’Africa che sarà mostrato ai giovani del posto nelle prossime settimane nell’ambito dei progetti di multiculturalità promossi da Cantiere Giovani presso le scuole.

Per produrre il video, i volontari hanno incontrato personalità e comunità del continente nero presenti tra Napoli e Caserta. Tra queste l’imam della moschea di San Marcellino,Nasser Hidouri, il responsabile del Centro Caritas ‘Madre Teresa di Calcutta’ di Aversa, Roger Sylvestre Adjicoudé, la comunità africana di Ischitella e quella guineana, incontrata in occasione della fine del Ramadam. I volontari hanno inoltre visitato Napoli, promosso l’anno europeo del volontariato nei paesi della provincia e condiviso cibo, esperienze e tradizioni con la comunità locale nelle serateorganizzate presso il Centro Astalli Sud.

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